• body learning device

    Your Body is a Learning Device

    Hello! I hope you have had a great Summer so far. I’ve been taking life in, working with clients, finishing my certification as a Profound Wellbeing Practitioner & Transformative Coach, taking a gut health masterclass, and otherwise, being a mom. I’ve been soaking up a lot of wisdom and doing a lot reflecting; and at…

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  • unlimited energy

    3 Ways to Tap Unlimited Energy

    Does just thinking about doing certain things drain your energy? I used to think that travelling back home to visit family was draining. I used dread it. I would anticipate all of the painful memories and emotions that going back there would surely bring. I would tell myself that I never fit in, anyway, and that people…

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  • Undoing Victim Consciousness to Feel Better

    When is the last time you resisted touching your humanity? For me, it was today, when a drunk homeless guy, laying on a bench asked me to call 911. There I was, excited to be on my morning walk with some new music and my dog, just wanting to groove. When he asked, I was like,…

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