• unlimited energy

    3 Ways to Tap Unlimited Energy

    Does just thinking about doing certain things drain your energy? I used to think that travelling back home to visit family was draining. I used dread it. I would anticipate all of the painful memories and emotions that going back there would surely bring. I would tell myself that I never fit in, anyway, and that people…

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  • Undoing Victim Consciousness to Feel Better

    When is the last time you resisted touching your humanity? For me, it was today, when a drunk homeless guy, laying on a bench asked me to call 911. There I was, excited to be on my morning walk with some new music and my dog, just wanting to groove. When he asked, I was like,…

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  • TP 4_gratitude

    Do You Want to WANT, or Do You Want to HAVE?

      Would you rather keep wanting what you want, or would you like to HAVE it? My coach asked me this question a while back,and it came up as I was thinking about the fact that so many people say they want to grow and heal, but are stuck in and even unwittingly addicted to, the WANTING of…

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