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    Do You Want to WANT, or Do You Want to HAVE?

      Would you rather keep wanting what you want, or would you like to HAVE it? My coach asked me this question a while back,and it came up as I was thinking about the fact that so many people say they want to grow and heal, but are stuck in and even unwittingly addicted to, the WANTING of…

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    My Detox Confession & 3 Safe Detox Secrets

    I have a detox confession… For years, I have been a big proponent of supporting bodily detoxification. I understand perfectly well what foods and nutrients support detoxification, and I am always recommending these foods to clients as a part of their individualized plan. But…when it came to actual detoxing, as in juice fasts and such,…

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    Willingness to Heal vs. Willfulness to Stay Stuck

    Have you ever wanted something really badly, but couldn’t seem to make yourself take the steps to get it? We’ve all been there–super inquisitive, but not committed. Maybe you desperately want to feel healthy and energized like you did 10 years ago, or you want to be finally rid of a chronic issue that’s a…

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